Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding duties of BS ZIN

  • 1. Item planning: Review of consumer utility, image, and productivity of products
  • 2. Image and video planning: Planning and production of messages, images, and videos to be delivered to backers
  • 3. Platform registration: Uploading of introduction page onto the crowdfunding platform
  • 4. Management services: Method of raising funds from backers in the early stage, response to comments and product reviews
  • 5. Development method: BM supplementation, market review, and method of using funds

How BS ZIN Secures Production and Marketing Funds


Crowdfunding is a method used by a party demanding funds
to raise funds from many unspecified people using online platforms.

Target platforms: Overseas → Kickstarter, Indiegogo, JD.COM, Makuake / Korea
→ Wadiz, Tumblbug, CROWDY

We encourage preorders to many unspecified backers (users)
by appealing the merits of products using images and videos
that present the product concept or sampling.

- Preparation of early business funds
- Review of target market size
- Review of consumer responses
- Relatively low business risk

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